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Tips BEFORE You Go Furniture Shopping

Posted by Natalie Perez on 8/28/2017
Tips BEFORE You Go Furniture Shopping

Are you thinking of furniture shopping? Whenever the idea of furniture shopping comes to mind it can be exciting, fun or just plain overwhelming.  Here are some great tips to consider BEFORE you even start!


The first step to beginning your journey through every furniture store in the area should be to start at home! Make sure you take measurements of the space you are looking to fill so you can quickly rule out any furniture items that may be too big or too small. We want to find the item that is just right!



While this may seem silly since YOU know what your space looks like always remember that it helps to have an outside opinion. When visiting a store remember that the associates are there to help you and the more information you can give the better they can help you find exactly what you’re looking for! Are you trying to match the drapes? Or maybe you want to match that beautiful rug that is just indescribable! A quick snapshot of the room you are looking to fill will help immensely! Not only can an associate at any store see exactly your style but maybe now they can suggest an item that could work that isn’t on display.



When starting any search you want to make sure you narrow down some options. By choosing a color scheme you can rule out a lot of options making your hunt for the perfect item that much more enjoyable since you know exactly what you are looking for. If cutting out too many options sounds too strict start by choosing either light colors or dark colors? Do you want color at all? Or maybe you want to stick to a color family like yellows or blues, browns or grays. Deciding which direction you would like to take in terms of color will cut down your choices immensely.

 One final tip is to find a store like French Furniture Orlando that offers custom furniture. You can consider these types of stores ‘one stop shopping’ since every option you can imagine is available to you! With these few steps, you should be able to find the perfect piece in no time!

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